четверг, 15 октября 2015 г.

Jewelry Inspired by Treasures of Nature

My friends Mariya and Vlad are owners of SEEDSMAN Etsy shop. Vlad is a professional jewelry artist and gem cutter, he has been making jewelry for 15 years. Mariya worked as a photographer and she loves nature and to walk in forests! In 2013 they organized a jewelry studio. And now they do what they really love: Vlad makes beautiful jewelry and Mariya pick leaves and plats, make photos and deliver orders.

Mariya and Vlad live in a big city and dream about house in a village near river. They make their jewelry of real plants covered with metal (using electroplating technique). They also make jewelry with natural stones, crystals, mother of pearl, pearls, wood and glass.

Believe me, their jewelry is absolutely unique! I think it's really amazing to wear a small part of forest with you everyday! Especially if you live in a big city. That's why I gave one of SEEDSMAN necklaces as a birthday gift to my sister. And she is absolutely happy! 

Here are some fantastic necklaces made of a real plants and treasures of nature:

real acorn necklace
Real acorn necklace
Copper rose hips necklaces
Sea shell necklace
Black currant leaf necklace
And my favorite one - copper cone necklace!

Copper cone necklace
In SEEDSMAN Etsy shop you will also find many beautiful rings, bracelets, earrings and keychains!
Choose something as unusual Christmas gifts for your friends and relatives!


Be unique and beautiful!

воскресенье, 11 октября 2015 г.

How Do I Paint My Plates?

For me painting is always a miracle and surprise! I never know what I will get in the end :)

The process of painting always starts from inspiration - this is the base of all my works! Inspiration helps me to create beautiful and harmonious patterns and to choose combination of colors.
When the inspiration comes, I begin to draw the sketch for the future plate.

When the sketch is finished, I think about the colors: which colors are the best for this design? I love unusual combinations, i.e. green + pink + light blue.

Now all preparations are done and I can begin to paint! To make the process of painting easier, first of all I draw the ornament on the plate with a pencil and then with paints.

When the painting is finished and dried, I cover the plate with acrylic varnish. 
The final step is to set a hanger on the opposite side of the plate and to sign new work! Voila! The plate is ready to ship!

Currently I am working on new plates for my LekaArt Etsy shop. Welcome!

Have a great great!

четверг, 1 октября 2015 г.

Our Fall Market TLV

This September we took part in a local market Fall Market TLV in Tel Aviv (Israel).
We would like to thank all the visitors and organizers of this amazing event! AND! We invite you for the next winter market! We will let you know where and when :)
Here are some lovely pics from the market!

Photos by Daria Geller and Nicolai Shabalin