воскресенье, 11 октября 2015 г.

How Do I Paint My Plates?

For me painting is always a miracle and surprise! I never know what I will get in the end :)

The process of painting always starts from inspiration - this is the base of all my works! Inspiration helps me to create beautiful and harmonious patterns and to choose combination of colors.
When the inspiration comes, I begin to draw the sketch for the future plate.

When the sketch is finished, I think about the colors: which colors are the best for this design? I love unusual combinations, i.e. green + pink + light blue.

Now all preparations are done and I can begin to paint! To make the process of painting easier, first of all I draw the ornament on the plate with a pencil and then with paints.

When the painting is finished and dried, I cover the plate with acrylic varnish. 
The final step is to set a hanger on the opposite side of the plate and to sign new work! Voila! The plate is ready to ship!

Currently I am working on new plates for my LekaArt Etsy shop. Welcome!

Have a great great!

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