воскресенье, 17 ноября 2013 г.

Sparkling Christmas! Make your holidays brighter and unique!

What is Christmas? It's time to gather all your family and friends, relax and be happy. It's time to laugh, to enjoy life, to love and to be loved. And of cource, it's to give and to get presents!
Do you already know what will you present to your mom, sister, best friends? We'll help you :) We have smth special for those who is still looking for nice and unique gifts

This is large hand painted decorative plate Bilberry

Click to open its description in LekaArt shop on Etsy
We used purple sparkles to make this decorative plate shine!
The plate is 10.8 '' (27 cm) in diameter and is painted with acrylic paints. It's covered with acrylic varnish.
If you like this plate, we invite you to check our shop on Etsy. There you will find more photos, detailed description and more unique and unusual Christmas gifts!

Have a nice day!
Faithfully yours,
Viktoria and Elena

пятница, 15 ноября 2013 г.

New jewelry box in LekaArt shop!

Hi all! I'm Elena and I have smth unusual for you today!
Almost 5 years ago I graduated from Moscow State University, where I studied history. I still love everything that is connected with Ancient times. So I decided to paint a new jewelry box and to show one of ancient Egyptian gods Horus.

Very often he was pictured as a falcon. Here are some examples:
Horus was the god of sky and sun. It's said that he also was a god of war, hunting and protection.
I liked the falcon with wide wings and based the painting on this picture :) And now we have this nice hand painted jewelry box :

Hand painted jewelry box "Egypt". Point to point. LekaArt.

You can find more photos of this jewelry box in our shop LekaArt on Etsy !
Thank you for visiting us!

Faithfully yours,

четверг, 14 ноября 2013 г.

How to make an ornament for a decorative plate?

Many of those who start to paint think that it's very difficult to create an ornament for decorative plate, jewelry box, doll or smth else. Usually it's not true :) And we are going to prove it!
There are lots of books about ornamental design  in the world. All you need to do is to find some pretty elements of your future decorative painting. We have such book and chose the chapter about Japanese art of XVIII - XIX centuries. This is what we found there:

This round decorative element of a Japanese folding screen is perfect for being a nice ornament on a decorative plate! We used all main elements and add several new elements along the edges (u'll see it a bit later :)

So now we have and ornament. What we should do next? Obviously - to choose colors! We took mint and violet as main colors and silver and white as additional colors.

Advice: to put the ornament on a plate use firstly a pensil! It will make your work much more easier!

And the result is:

Decorative plate "Easter Mint"

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суббота, 9 ноября 2013 г.

LekaArt News! Hand painted napkin ring "Meander"

Hey! Nice to see you again in our blog! Today we have smth new for you in LekaArt shop on Etsy!

Romantic Greek style napkin rings! These napkin rings are made of wood (lime), painted by hand with acrylic paints and covered with non toxic varnish.


They will look great with linen white or beige napkins or on wedding table decorated in white and yellow or beige colors. You may present them as a wedding gift or on house warming.

By the way, do you know what "meander" is?

вторник, 5 ноября 2013 г.

Let's hang a decorative plate!

We are often asked about special hooks on the reverse side of our decorative plates. Are they safe? Or the plate will fall down in a month?
According to our experience and clients' feedbacks our hooks are safe. They are made of a silk cord. We use epoxy to paste them on plates. If you treat hangings in a right way they will decorate your home for years.
This is how the reverse side of the plate looks like:

Still we understand that some of you will prefer to use smth more reliable :) In this case we offer you a special metal plate holder. It costs 4$ And looks like this:

We hope this information about hanging plates was useful and interesting.
Faithfully yours,
Viktoria and Elena

понедельник, 4 ноября 2013 г.

Christmas is coming!

How much time left until you will need to find a nice Christmas gift for you family and friends? Well, pretty soon - about 1,5 months. Usually it's not a pleasant experience to look for a gift when crowds of people do the same :) So what can we offer you?
It's still enough time to choose smth interesting from LekaArt shop - an item that will make you and your friends happy. Here are some unique hand painted hanging plates:


We'll tell you more about this plates in our nexts posts in the blog :)
Have a nice day!

Viktoria and Elena

воскресенье, 3 ноября 2013 г.

Nice to meet you!

Hello everyone!
We are Viktoria and Elena! In May 2013 we created our shop LekaArt, where you can find different kinds of gifts for your family, friends and colleagues.
We are proud to introduce you our hand painted plates. They are bright, unique and beautiful! :) We can also buy some nice items like wine racks, jewellery boxes, wooden dolls and hand painted silk scarves.

Everyone is welcome to check our shop on Etsy! And thank you for visiting our blog :)