пятница, 15 ноября 2013 г.

New jewelry box in LekaArt shop!

Hi all! I'm Elena and I have smth unusual for you today!
Almost 5 years ago I graduated from Moscow State University, where I studied history. I still love everything that is connected with Ancient times. So I decided to paint a new jewelry box and to show one of ancient Egyptian gods Horus.

Very often he was pictured as a falcon. Here are some examples:
Horus was the god of sky and sun. It's said that he also was a god of war, hunting and protection.
I liked the falcon with wide wings and based the painting on this picture :) And now we have this nice hand painted jewelry box :

Hand painted jewelry box "Egypt". Point to point. LekaArt.

You can find more photos of this jewelry box in our shop LekaArt on Etsy !
Thank you for visiting us!

Faithfully yours,

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