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How to make an ornament for a decorative plate?

Many of those who start to paint think that it's very difficult to create an ornament for decorative plate, jewelry box, doll or smth else. Usually it's not true :) And we are going to prove it!
There are lots of books about ornamental design  in the world. All you need to do is to find some pretty elements of your future decorative painting. We have such book and chose the chapter about Japanese art of XVIII - XIX centuries. This is what we found there:

This round decorative element of a Japanese folding screen is perfect for being a nice ornament on a decorative plate! We used all main elements and add several new elements along the edges (u'll see it a bit later :)

So now we have and ornament. What we should do next? Obviously - to choose colors! We took mint and violet as main colors and silver and white as additional colors.

Advice: to put the ornament on a plate use firstly a pensil! It will make your work much more easier!

And the result is:

Decorative plate "Easter Mint"

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