среда, 26 февраля 2014 г.

NEW! Wooden plates!

Hi all! How are you? We hope that excellent!
Today we would like to show you our new branch of hand painted items for home decor. We already have ceramic plates in our Etsy shop and we decided to paint some wooden ones!
So now we have 2 wooden plates painted by hand. The 1st one has 30 cm in diameter and is blue and violet, the 2nd one has 20 cm and is brown and golden.



We hope you liked our new wall plates!
Have an awesome day!

воскресенье, 23 февраля 2014 г.

Person of the Week: Viktoria (UltroViolet shop with decoupaged jewelry boxes)

This Sunday is the day of jewelry boxes! Girls love to wear rings, bracelets, earring and necklaces and need nice boxes to store them. So if you are looking for a gift for your friend, mother, sister, aunt or just want to find an eclusive and high-quality jewelry box we advise you to visit UltroViolet Etsy shop.

We asked the owner of this shop to tell us about herself and her creative work.
"Hi all! I'm Viktoria and I'm the owner of UltroViolet shop on Etsy. I'm 36 and I'm a happy mother of 2 kids (16 and 4 years old). I live in Germany and it's my 2nd emigration (I've been living in Israel for 10 years before my family moved). New country, baby birth, and maternity leave encouraged me to start searching for my life-work. I tried myself in various types of handmade works and finally chose decoupage and painting.
I'm always in search of new ideas and materials. It takes a lot of time! But I really love this non-stop work as I meet interesting and creative people from other countries. I enjoy the communication as I enjoy trying smth new. My relatives, friends and even my children help me to develop my shop and this is so great!"

We chose 3 beautiful jewelry boxes to show you

Exclusive wooden jewelry box

Unique tee box

Unusual jewelry box for needles and pins
You will also find key boxes, door plates, hamsas and even ostrich eggs in the shop!

And see you next time!

пятница, 21 февраля 2014 г.

Unique Australia

What are the most mysterious and unexplored places in the world? For us one of them is Australia as it's so far from here, we've never been to Australia and a lot of interesting unique species live there.
So this Friday we devote to this wonderful country and its inhabitants.

#1 Cute koala brooch from Dinabijushop is for those of us who adores this little lovely creatures!

#2 Did you know that koalas can help to get over bad mood and stress? Here is a "Keep Calm" T-shirt from keepcalmstore

#3 Another fascinating Australian animal is wombat! Would be really cool to have, for example, this pillowcase from flossypArt

#4 Does your friend love unusual and original gifts? Send him or her a nice post card with a wombat from possandwom

#5 Guess what item is next? This is an original painting with paired, bronze kangaroo. It's designed to invoke a sense of balance, love and blessing within your life. We found it in ravensdreaming Etsy shop.

#6 This kangaroo cookie cutter we found in CookieCutterGuy Etsy shop. Make your delisious cookies even more beautiful!

#7 Number 7 is our most unusual find of this week - Vintage Ostrich Bookend from LeVintageGalleria

#8 One of the most famous and beautiful Australian cities is Sydney. Let's see some nice art works with this amazing city!

  • Art print (poster, watercolor wall art) from BOX21

We hope you enjoyed this collection and it was really interesting for you to meet new artists!
Thank you for reading us!
New collection will be publich next Friday!

Have a perfect day!
Viktoria and Elena

воскресенье, 16 февраля 2014 г.

Person of the Week: Kupava (KupavaArt shop with handmade postcards)

It's Sunday and it's time for one more interesting story!
Many of us love to send and to get postcards! It's a nice way to show people you love that you remember and care about them. This week we decided to tell you about handcrafted unique postcards made by Kupava from Etsy shop KupavaArt .

Kupava is the artist from Washington (USA) and she kindly shared some nice photos of her studio, her cards and her philosophy:

"I truly believe that all of us should be surrounded by beautiful things, every little piece of décor should make our life brighter and merrier, - says Kupava. - In my everyday search for new ideas styles and techniques I do a lot of work, sketching, drawing and photographing. I appreciate the Nature as the best artist which beauty in small and big things cannot stop surprising us. My woks are inspired by the decorative art of different cultures and natures".

*  *  *

Kupava's studio

*  *  *

Two Hearts. Love card

*  *  *

 *  *  *

Chameleon. Greeting card

Kupava makes her crafts with a lot of joy and all her works carry a piece of true love.
"I wish that being surrounded by my crafts in your everyday life you will feel a bit happier" - she says. And we wish her shop to grow and to be filled with new bright cards!

Also have a look at Kupava's blog ! It's one of the most stylish and beautiful blogs we've ever seen!

Thank you for reading us!
See you next time!

четверг, 13 февраля 2014 г.

Yoohoo! St. Valentine's Day!!

Dear boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen! Today is the most romantic day in the year! And we - Viktoria and Elena - wish you oceans of love and romance, patience, harmony and lots of unforgetable adventures! Love and be loved! Smile and be happy!

Have a lovely Dt. Valentines Day!

News! Peacock detected!

Good day, dear guests and followers! It's Elena!
I love to paint plates and other nice things for home decor. But when I have "special" mood I draw animals on pastel paper :) Well, the ordinary drawing would be a bit boring, so I decided to tone paper with coffee! It looks rather unusual , like an old manuscript.
Today I'll show you 2 of my drawings:

Ink drawing "Peacock"

Ink drawing "Owl"
 We have more drawings in our LekaArt shop and soon we'll show you some brand new ones!

Smile and have a great day!
Viktoria and Elena

вторник, 11 февраля 2014 г.

Our Wild World!

This week we have an absolutely new kind of item! It's a pencil holder! It is as usual painted by hand with acrylic paints and covered with acrylic varnish.
For this pencil box I chose an unusual motif. It reminds spots on leopard skin ;)
Size: height - 4" (10 cm), width - 3.6" (9 cm)
Shape: hexagonal
Materials: wood, acrylic paints and varnish
Usage: as a pencil holder or as a vase (for flowers that do not need water)



See you soon!
Viktoria and Elena

суббота, 8 февраля 2014 г.

Person of the Week: Elena (TimeMade vintage shop)

Hi all! This is Viktoria!
Today is Sunday and it's a very important day for us! We start our new blog column  
"Person of the Week".  
What is it about? We are surfing Etsy a lot. Usually it takes 2-3 hours a day. Sometimes we meet really talanted artists and sellers and would like to tell you about them!
How do we pick a person for the column? There are a lot of similar products on handmade and vintage market. So we try to find smth new and interesting: unusual and beautiful photos, rare items, unique shapes of products, fresh ideas, new techniques, breathtaking stories etc.
How often will we write about artists? We plan to publish stories once a week on Sunday or we'll tell you in advance if different.

*  *  *

And today I'm going to present you Elena - the owner of Etsy shop with vintage items TimeMade
Elena was born in Kazakhstan but now she lives in Israel near the Mediterranean sea (lucky her!). Elena collects beautiful vintage jewelry, clothes and items for home decor.

"My mission is to bring back some memories of old good times, brighten up today and save something for tomorrow" - says Elena

This week I took part in an unusual and unexpected photo shoot: no photo studio, no professional light and me as a model! Elena tried new type of sales pitch. Fantastic experience! Very soon all items in TimeMade shop will have new photographs and all models will be picked from ordinary girls and women. The idea is to make vintage items more "sincere".

*  *  *

These are vintage bracelet, ring and jewelry box from TimeMade shop. Model: Viktoria.
Vintage jewelry box
Vintage ring

 Thank you for visiting us!
All comments and feedback are always welcome!
See you next Sunday!

Viktoria and Elena

пятница, 7 февраля 2014 г.

Valentine's Day Celebration. Part III. Romantic night

Dear followers and guests!
Today we are showing you the last, 3rd part, of our grand collection of Valentine's Day items. We are sure that this part is the most important and interesting. This post is dedicated to romantic night on St. Valentine's Day!

#1 The first thing we want to talk about is ... bedroom!
  • What is the main thing in the bedroom? Of course, it's bed! So make it beautiful and charming with red roses print bed linen from MyveraLinen

  •  Or you can decorate your bed with these pretty decorative pillows from sukan
  • In our honest opinion there are 2 things that can really help you to create the atmosphere of love. These things are: candles and lamps. We showed candles in the previous part of the collection. And this time, please, look at this fascinating table lamps from FiligreeCreations

  •  Does your man love to take a bath with you? If yes try bath salts from RavensCtApothecary . For example, we chose this amazing Moroccan Rose Salt!

  •  If you like to take bath alone, we can offer you to use handmade Rose soap from Penori . Looks so yummy!

  •  Use body butter you love after the bath or shower to smell sexy and to make your skin soft! "I prefer body oils and body butters that contain orange extract and cinnamon or clove as for me they smell like passion!" - says our artist Elena. We found a nice item in Phytotherapy Etsy shop - Sweet orange clove body butter
  • You may use oil perfume for stronger fragrance. In seagrapesoap we found a lot of very interesting perfumes. As an example, we show you sexy essential oil perfume with notes of lavender, orange, ylang ylang and sage. Maria - the owner of the shop - says that this is an erotic scent that acts as a powerful aphrodisiac.

#3 And finally choose a nice lingerie! We picked some lovely items :)
  • Vintage lilac boudoir from unionmadebride is charming and modest at the same time ;)

  • Breathtaking ivory lace painties and bra from OnTheInside

  • Unusual, beautiful, bright and satin silk panties from nathings

Be elegant and bright for your man!
And as usual thank you in advance for your feedbacks!
Next Friday collection will be published on the 21th of February.

Have a perfect day,
Viktoria and Elena

четверг, 6 февраля 2014 г.

Charming Reptile!

This week we have an unusual hand painted figurine. She's small, green, bronze, sparkling and very charming! Her name is Lizzy and she's a lizard!  
She will be an original addition to your figurine collection or a beautiful gift for a friend :)

Ceramic hand painted figurine "Lizard"
For more photos and information, please, visit out LekaArt Etsy shop
Thank you for reading us!
Have an awesome day!
Viktoria and Elena

вторник, 4 февраля 2014 г.

Valentine's Day Celebration. Part II

As we promised here is the 2nd part of our large collection of handmade and vintage items!
Today we'll talk about table decoration and will share some nice ideas how to make the Valentine's Day dinner special and unforgetable.

#1 First of all we would choose a table cloth. In our honest opinion the best variant for a romantic dinner is white or light grey table cloth made of natural fabric such as this lovely linen table cloth from LinenHomeShop

#2 Next step is to find nice plates and dishes. As an example we offer these cute small handmade ceramic bowls with birds by karoArt! Adorable!

#3 We are sure your boyfriend or husband will come with flowers. Guess what we should put on the table next? A vase! We picked 3 absolutely different vases.

  • One more breathtaking vintage vase but this one is from 1950s and made of murano glass in TheSapphireGypsy vintage shop.

#4 Maybe you would like to choose flowers yourself. Then we have some pretty ideas :)

  • Not to upset your man (if he comes with flowers and you already have the bouquet) you can hang a pastel flower photo on the wall near the table :) We found this delightful bouquet in HelenMPhotography Etsy shop where you may check over hundred other awesome photos!

  • For those who loves minimalist style we offer these felt flowers by Fairyfolk . They are so cool that we want to touch them right now!! <3

  • And one more amazing bouquet! It consists of 3 spirally twisted willow wickers and lavender color wool, and is decorated with jute and linen. Find it in mellsva home decor shop!

  • And finally if you love to make bouquets yourself you may get some nice paper flowers here - in FlowerDecoration shop!

#5 Decorate your table with original and unusual things!
  • What are you going to drink? We would take our favorite wine. One of a kind handmade wooden bottle rack "Bicycle" will not only decorate your romantic dinner, it also can be an original gift for you man! Find this unique bottle holder in our LekaArt Etsy shop.

  • Valentine's Day hanging birds by PolaLab are so touching and cute. We bet they will create natural and loving atmosphere!

  • One more textile item - super cute and mimimi sheep toy!! It's made by MiracleInspiration from Belarus! They have more amazing textile toys (cats, reindeer, hears) in their lovely shop!

  • Aaaaand the handcrochet NEST by frenchfelt! Just because we simply like it! Put anything you want there and enjoy how great it looks!

#6 Give final touches to your romantic table - put candles!
  • This is unique decoupaged candle holder in shades of white and red by HandmadeDecoupage. It creates vintage, retro looking effect. We love the combination of different materials!

  • We've never met anything more romantic than these ceramic candle holders by wapa . Brilliant idea, brilliant work!

  • Very interesting item hand painted by LITdecor ! This lantern was inspired by Moroccan decor details and henna patterns. The lantern can withstand outdoor conditions - stands up great to wind and rain. Really indispensable thing for your country house :)

  • Beautiful spring candle holders by NevenaArtGlass . Unique form and Sakura Cherry Blossom design make these home accessories look fresh and charming!

The end of Part II. Next time we'll tell you how to decorate a romantic night ;) Believe us, it would be very interesting!
We are always grateful for your feedbacks and wished for the future collections!

Always yours,
Viktoria and Elena