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Person of the Week: Kupava (KupavaArt shop with handmade postcards)

It's Sunday and it's time for one more interesting story!
Many of us love to send and to get postcards! It's a nice way to show people you love that you remember and care about them. This week we decided to tell you about handcrafted unique postcards made by Kupava from Etsy shop KupavaArt .

Kupava is the artist from Washington (USA) and she kindly shared some nice photos of her studio, her cards and her philosophy:

"I truly believe that all of us should be surrounded by beautiful things, every little piece of décor should make our life brighter and merrier, - says Kupava. - In my everyday search for new ideas styles and techniques I do a lot of work, sketching, drawing and photographing. I appreciate the Nature as the best artist which beauty in small and big things cannot stop surprising us. My woks are inspired by the decorative art of different cultures and natures".

*  *  *

Kupava's studio

*  *  *

Two Hearts. Love card

*  *  *

 *  *  *

Chameleon. Greeting card

Kupava makes her crafts with a lot of joy and all her works carry a piece of true love.
"I wish that being surrounded by my crafts in your everyday life you will feel a bit happier" - she says. And we wish her shop to grow and to be filled with new bright cards!

Also have a look at Kupava's blog ! It's one of the most stylish and beautiful blogs we've ever seen!

Thank you for reading us!
See you next time!

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