вторник, 28 октября 2014 г.

For Homes and Families

Since I've moved to a new appartment this spring I understood how I love cosiness. Unfortunately our repair works are still in progress, so I can only deam about all that lovely little things that make our homes beautiful and warm.

For those who love cosiness and comfort like I do:

Shabby chic wooden word LOVE
Wooden word Love is painted with acrylic paints covered with acrylic varnish. Technique of painting: shabby chic. The word will look stylish in every interior. You may also use it in wedding decor.
The word in 1'' (2.5 cm) thick and remains standing.

And soon in our LekaArt Etsy shop:

Shabby chic wooden sign HOME

Love your family, smile and be happy!

вторник, 7 октября 2014 г.

Trendy Jewelry Box!

Our square orange jewelry box is among trendy items on Etsy these days! What an honor!
We really love this box! The colors are so warm and gentle! And the painting is unique and one of a kind!
Size: height - 2'' (5 cm), length - 5'' (12.5 cm), width - 5'' (12.5 cm)

Squre hand painted jewelry box

To find more details and pics of this nice box, please, visit our LekaArt shop! We hope you'll find the best gifts for your family and friends!

Best wishes,
Viktoria and Elena

пятница, 26 сентября 2014 г.

Salut from Ancient Egypt!

Hi guys! How is your Friday going? We were travelling to Tzfat (Safed) on the north of Israel to catch some inspiration! We hope we'll have some time to share with your our best shots from there :)
And today we continue the ethnic theme!

This time we show you a geometric painting on decorative plate. The ornament is one of motives from Ancient Egypt. The plate looks absolutely unique thanks to combination of geometric minimalism and luxurious shining sparkles that cover some elements of painting!

Enough words! Here are some pics!

Geometric decorative plate
Love these golden elements!
It's a pity you can't see how it shines in real life!

We hope you enjoyed our new creation!
Find more info about it in our LekaArt Etsy shop!

Have a sparkling weekend everyone!
Viktoria and Elena

воскресенье, 21 сентября 2014 г.

Sunday News!

Oh how we love ethnic decor! It's very simple and deep at the same time, rich and minimalist and full of inspiration! We got plenty ideas from ancient drawings and art. And today we are showing you our new hand painted wall plate!


Ethnic decorative plate
The painting is made by hand
Author: Elena Malgin
Diameter: 26 cm
Amazing and absolutely unique thing for home decor!
Great gift to any occassion!

You may ask any question about this plate here on in our LekaArt Etsy shop

Best wishes,
Viktoria and Elena

пятница, 19 сентября 2014 г.

My B-Day Discount for You!

Hi all! It's Elena! Today is Friday and my birthday!
So I would like celebrate it with a 15% discount to any of my product in LEKAART ETSY SHOP!

Please, use coupon code BDAY15 or contact me to get the discount! 

The offer will be closed on 23:00 on 20th of September.

Happy Friday!
Best wishes,

четверг, 18 сентября 2014 г.

Make Your Friday Nights Unforgettable!

Ahhhh... Friday... It's almost here! How we love this day!! The only thing we love more than FriDAY is Friday NIGHT !! 
For us it's perfect time for romantic dates and dinners. Just imagine: you and your love are sitting on a balcony looking at charming sunset, drinking wine... Fantastic feeling, hah? :) 

And all this was our inspiration! We created 2 mosaic candle holders for a romantic dinner!

Green and white mosaic candle holder

Mosaic candle holder with a candle
Pink mosaic candle holder
Pink candle holder with a candle

Soft light looks very romantic... Mmmmm!
Enjoy your Friday!

See you soon,
Viktoria and Elena

среда, 17 сентября 2014 г.

Rosh Hashanah Gifts! Only one week left!

Hi all!
This is our 3rd post about Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah)! The holidays are coming! Only 1 week left! Last chanse to buy the best gifts for your family and friends!

We are located in Petah-Tikva (Israel). If you live here, you may pick up any item you like in Tel Aviv, Ramat Hasharon, Petah-Tikva, Hadera or Raananah (upon request). Without paying for delivery! :)

Soooo, today we are going to show you 4 more beautiful and exclusive jewish souvenirs!

- Exclusive hand painted mezuzah case with pomegranates! Technique of painting: Point-to-point

Hand painted mezuzah case

- Shabby chic wooden mezuzah case with metallic "shin"

Shabby chic jewish mezuzah case

- Handmade ceramic Stars od David (Magen David). We have 2 in stock. The nice cord is included!

ceramic magen david star jewish ornament judaica art
Hanging ornaments Stars of David

- Hand carved ceramic hamsa! It's very bright and unusual! Pure handmade ;) The cord is icluded

Ceramic wall hamsa hand

All these Jewish souvenirs can be found in our LekaArt Etsy shop!

We wish you merry and cheerful holidays! Have fun and relax!
See you soon!
Viktoria and Elena

понедельник, 15 сентября 2014 г.

Gifts for Jewish New Year! Rosh Hashanah is coming! Part II

Hi all! How is your preparation to Rosh Hashanah going? :) As for us - we uploaded more new unique handmade jewish gifts in our LekaArt Etsy shop
We have already shown you some of our hamsas and today we would like to show you more!

- Charming ceramic hamsa "Ahava". In the center of this hamsa we wrote אהבה (Ahava) that means "Love" in Hebrew language. Perfect gift symbolizing love, prosperity and harmony!

Ceramic hamsa hand AHAVA
- Ceramic hand painted hamsa "Mazal". The word Mazal (מזל in Hebrew language) in the center of the hamsa means Luck. Really great gift for people you love!

Hanging ceramic hamsa MAZAL
- Handmade ceramic hamsa hand amulet! It's made of white clay with love and care, painted with engobes, burnt in kiln, glazed and burnt again. It's not large and will look great as home blessing amulet!

Ceramic hamsa hand amulet for home
- And unique wooden hamsa painted in point-to-point technique! You won't find anything like this!

Wall hamsa hand. Point-to-point painting

Enough for today! Next time we'll show you 1 more hamsa, 2 mezuzot and one more Jewish souvenir!
Have an amazing week!
Viktoria and Elena

суббота, 13 сентября 2014 г.

Yay! We are on Etsy front page!

Hi all! Today is a great day - sunny and not too hot here in Israel! An we've just found out that our hand painted wooden horse is on Etsy front page! YAY!

Click to see the horse!

We hope you are also having a gorgeous and happy day!

See you soon,
Viktoria and Elena

пятница, 12 сентября 2014 г.

Jewish New Year! Have You Already Chosen a Gift?

This year Jewish New Year - Rosh Hashanah - will be celebrated from evening 24th till 26th of September. If you sill don't have any idea of gifts to your family and friends look at this exclusive handmade jewish souvenires!

Today we are going to talk about HAMSAS

The Hamsa is an ancient Middle Eastern and North Afrikan palm-shaped amulet. It's used as a sign of protection in many societies throughout history.
'Hamsa' means 'five' in Arabic symbolizing charity, faith, prayer, pilgrimage and fasting. In some religions it is also a protective sign. Since the Hamsa is considered a gift of love it makes the perfect gift.

We have some beautifully made and painted with love hamsas in our LekaArt Etsy shop

- Wooden hamsa hand "אושר" (this means "happiness" in Hebrew)

Hand painted Hamsa hand from LekaArt
 - Pomegranates ceramic hamsa hand - prosperity amulet for your home!

- Beautiful jewish hamsa hand with word 'ח that means LIFE

- White and gold wall hamsa painted by hand!

Hand painted wall hamsa

- And one more hamsa made with love and care!

Wooden painted hamsa for wall decor

Now you see how beautiful and different handmade hamsas can be!
We hope you enjoyed as it was just the first part of our story!

See you soon and have a perfect weekend!
Viktoria and Elena

среда, 3 сентября 2014 г.

Our Come Back!

Hi all!
It's Elena! I know we haven't posted anything for a while. The main reason there was no news from us is my moving to Israel to my husband. It had finally happened! And I'am very happy and full of inspiration!
Now I have more time to create and to paint!

And I would like to show you some beautiful pics from my new home! I hope you'll also catch some inspiration and good mood!

The Mediterranean Sea. It's warm and beautiful here. And sooo close!

Some tropics for those who don't like deserts

Super cute birds :D 

Not sure what this is, but looks gorgeous!

Summer Israeli snails relaxing :D

And againt - SEA!

And one of those fantastic views from my window!

Be happy and enjoy life! 
I'll be back soon and will show you some brand new creations that you can find in our LekaArt Etsy shop!

Best wishes,

пятница, 28 марта 2014 г.

Funny souvenirs! April Fools' Day is coming!

Hi all!
We know that everyone love to smile and laugh! And it's almost the 1st of April - April Fools' Day!
We found some nice funny souvenirs for those who is going to make others laugh on the funniest day of the year.

#1 Very cute and original item - a cell phone case -IN LOVE- is perfect protecion for your Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. Natural, soft, exclusive and easy to use. Find it in ShpilkaFelt


#2 Adorable tiny figurines from blobhouse . Just read this funny descriction: "Throw away your self-help books and let the designated worry wart do all your worrying for you. Makes a great gift for the worry wart in your life". Awesome!


#3 Every office needs some funny sticky notes - believes the owner of FlytrapOnE Esy shop. So here you are! :D


We wish you and amazing April Fools' Day!
Smile, laugh and be happy!

суббота, 22 марта 2014 г.

New! Unique jewelry box!

This week we have an amazing thing to show you!
This is one of a kind wooden jewelry box that I've painted by hand. I have been chosen the colors very carefully so they look rich and unusual and finally decided to take turquoise, brown, bronze and white.

You may store there necklaces, bracelets, earring and other jewelry. Or just some nice tiny things that are precious for you!

This jewelry box is completely unique: I won't make any that will look the same.
You may find it here, in our Etsy shop!

Enjoy the spring!

понедельник, 17 марта 2014 г.

Spring collection of light, love, gifts and wedding decorations!

Why do you love spring? I love it because of warm weather, love and light!
Today I have spring mood and I've made a collection of lovely Etsy finds for you!


Be romantic, love and smile!

воскресенье, 16 марта 2014 г.

Person of the Week: Katya Trischuk and her Easter eggs!

Everyone is preparing for Easter! Even if you already have decorations and already bought gifts we bet it will be still interesting for you to read about an amazing artist Katya Trischuk and her really breathtaking painted eggs!

"I live in Toronto with my husband Louie and a little dog. Easter 2014 will be very interesting, as my shop getting bigger and busier. 

I discovered my artistic ability at an early age and was often in trouble at school for drawing in my books or spending my lunch money on art supplies", - says Katya.

In the mid 90's Katya turned to painting with oil on canvas and for 3 years had her own art atelier in Kiev. Her talents were recognized in the arts community and with private collectors. During this time, Katya traveled extensively throughout Europe where she visited museums and learned more about art, history and architecture.

In the summer of 2000 Katya returned to Toronto to complete her degree in Interior Design at Ryerson University. Today Katya continues her passion for painting. She considers herself a "process-oriented" artist and uses a palette knife for layering, dry-brush techniques, cloths and even her hands to create paintings that are rich in vibrant colours and lush with texture. This gives her work a distinctive quality. Katya's work can be seen at any number of Toronto art galleries and has been showcased at The Toronto International Art Fairs. 

Katya's painting are very touching! But today we'll show you only her beautiful Pysanky - Ukranian painted Easter eggs!

And some nice picks of Katya's treasures! :)

For more Easter spirit visit Katya's shop on Etsy - UkrainianEasterEggs

Have and amazing day!
Viktoria and Elena

P.S. All information about the artist was taken from her Etsy shop and official web site -