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Gifts for Jewish New Year! Rosh Hashanah is coming! Part II

Hi all! How is your preparation to Rosh Hashanah going? :) As for us - we uploaded more new unique handmade jewish gifts in our LekaArt Etsy shop
We have already shown you some of our hamsas and today we would like to show you more!

- Charming ceramic hamsa "Ahava". In the center of this hamsa we wrote אהבה (Ahava) that means "Love" in Hebrew language. Perfect gift symbolizing love, prosperity and harmony!

Ceramic hamsa hand AHAVA
- Ceramic hand painted hamsa "Mazal". The word Mazal (מזל in Hebrew language) in the center of the hamsa means Luck. Really great gift for people you love!

Hanging ceramic hamsa MAZAL
- Handmade ceramic hamsa hand amulet! It's made of white clay with love and care, painted with engobes, burnt in kiln, glazed and burnt again. It's not large and will look great as home blessing amulet!

Ceramic hamsa hand amulet for home
- And unique wooden hamsa painted in point-to-point technique! You won't find anything like this!

Wall hamsa hand. Point-to-point painting

Enough for today! Next time we'll show you 1 more hamsa, 2 mezuzot and one more Jewish souvenir!
Have an amazing week!
Viktoria and Elena

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