четверг, 18 сентября 2014 г.

Make Your Friday Nights Unforgettable!

Ahhhh... Friday... It's almost here! How we love this day!! The only thing we love more than FriDAY is Friday NIGHT !! 
For us it's perfect time for romantic dates and dinners. Just imagine: you and your love are sitting on a balcony looking at charming sunset, drinking wine... Fantastic feeling, hah? :) 

And all this was our inspiration! We created 2 mosaic candle holders for a romantic dinner!

Green and white mosaic candle holder

Mosaic candle holder with a candle
Pink mosaic candle holder
Pink candle holder with a candle

Soft light looks very romantic... Mmmmm!
Enjoy your Friday!

See you soon,
Viktoria and Elena

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