среда, 3 сентября 2014 г.

Our Come Back!

Hi all!
It's Elena! I know we haven't posted anything for a while. The main reason there was no news from us is my moving to Israel to my husband. It had finally happened! And I'am very happy and full of inspiration!
Now I have more time to create and to paint!

And I would like to show you some beautiful pics from my new home! I hope you'll also catch some inspiration and good mood!

The Mediterranean Sea. It's warm and beautiful here. And sooo close!

Some tropics for those who don't like deserts

Super cute birds :D 

Not sure what this is, but looks gorgeous!

Summer Israeli snails relaxing :D

And againt - SEA!

And one of those fantastic views from my window!

Be happy and enjoy life! 
I'll be back soon and will show you some brand new creations that you can find in our LekaArt Etsy shop!

Best wishes,

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