пятница, 31 января 2014 г.

Valentine's Day Celebration. Part I

Hi all!
It's time for a new Friday collection of handmade and vintage items!
Do you already know how you will celebrate St. Valentines Day with the one you love? Have you already planned all the details? Clothes, jewelry, table, home decor, bedroom decor? If not, we'll help you :)

#1 Let's start with a dress! Tastes differ, so we found several variants:
  •  Unique vintage dress with warm earthy colors and bright geometric print by Gezunt . It looks very romantic and womanly. It will mark your eyes and will look great with a lipstick of a natural colors.
  • If you like Chebby Chic style you will like this charming dress from GalsMagicalCloset . Floral prints always look great especially if they are combined with another pastel fabric.
  • For those who adore blouses, shirts and tops we found this nice shop - girlishstyle . You will also find there some unusual and classical dresses
  • And again vintage! Gorgeous dress from 1950s by gogovintage looks soooo playful and great! Should be really awesome for Valentine's Day evening ;)

  •  And of course red evening maxi dress by BLUSHFASHION is just ohmygodable!!! Pure passion!

 #2 Time to find nice shoes!
  • How do you like these amazing hand painted shoes by kezbirdie ? Very nice colors! And we love the height of heels.

  •  If you wear red or black dress we advice you to choose red vintage shoes by dahlilafound . We think they are very comfortable, neat and pretty!
  • Don't like heels? No problem! Here you are - beautiful pair of ballet flats by NettaGertler . We bet you'll fall in love with them ^_^

  •  And what if you already have your favorite pair of shoes but they are too casual for such romantic evening? Then you can use shoes clips from KyliesChicBoutique . These navy blue clips are absolutely gorgeous!

 #3 Now let's choose jewelry!
  • Luxurious elegant and sophisticated earrings by ShiriAvda . They are just perfect!
  • Stylish golden earrings with freshwater pearl and malachite by LouiseLeder . Long earrings with pearls are always in style! They will show your individuality and your unique style.
  • Black and gold unique shaped earrings by lizaluksenberg . If you like beads and christals these elegant earrings are definitely for you!

  • Bracelet with small hearts in sterling silver and gold by zanGGarts . A lovely accessory for St. Valentine's Day and by the way awesome gift!

  •  Lovely, elegant and special delicate golden necklace features a heart-shaped pendant with a pearl in the center of it by netalyshany . Ladies, we bet you already fell in love with this pendant. We do!

  •  Unusual and unique necklace with bird and sunset by ARDONN . All jewelry made by Ardonn looks very fresh and elegant. You'll for sure find smth that suites you! High quality materials, interesting ideas and style - that is what characterize the Ardonn shop. Great!

 The end of the Part I. We hope you enjoyed the collection!
 We'll be happy to see you in our blog again!
Next part of the collection will be published on the 4th of February.

Have an amazing day!
Viktoria and Elena

четверг, 30 января 2014 г.

New decorative wall plate Agathic Flower - exclusive Valentine's Day gift!

For those who is looking for a nice gift for a girlfriend, mother, sister or a friend we made a romantic decorative plate "Agathic Flower". Violet, pink and yellow colors look very soft and harmonious.
This hand painted plate is perfect for wall decor as we've made a hanger on the opposite side.

Hanging decorative plate "Agathic Flower"

Diameter of plate: 8.4'' (21 cm)
Materials: ceramic plate, acrylic paints, acrylic varnish
Technique: point to point (dots)
For more photos and details, please, visit our Etsy online shop - LekaArt

Have a great day!
Viktoria and Elena

понедельник, 27 января 2014 г.

Romantic peonies on silk!

Hello all!
We have a new item in our LekaArt Etsy shop - batik painting on silk "Peony". Have you ever heard about batik? If yes, you know how beautiful batik painting can be! Batik artists are magicians: they can make a masterpiece from a white piece of cloth.
There are 2 batik techniques: 1) hot wax technique when melted wax is applied to cloth to prevent the paint to dye the cloth; 2) cold batik technique when the special substance based on purified gasoline is used.
Our painting "Peony" is made in cold batik technique and looks very romantic as we used soft pastel colors and flower motif. If you looking for a nice exclusive gift for a friend, girlfriend or relatives - this painting could be a great one!

Painting on silk "Peony"

You can buy this painting in our online shop. The painting is not framed. It will be shipped in a nice box designed specially for batik paintings and accessories.

By the way, this is how the process of painting looks like:

Thank you for reading us!
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Have an amazing day!

Viktoria and Elena

пятница, 24 января 2014 г.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: 10 gorgeous items!

Hi all!
Finally Friday! Time for our collection!This time we found some awesome Valentine's Day gifts for her and for him! We really like to help you to choose a gift :)  Enjoy!

# 1 Ladies first and we start with a luxurious sterling silver necklace Double Infinity by RoseAndRaven. Guys, be sure your girlfriend will be happy to get it on Valentine's Day!

# 2 The most romantic Rat we've ever met by Candyfleece
Isn't he cute?! Lady Killer indeed :D

# 3 Stilish gold ring by YaelSteinberg
All girls like gold! And this ring will look great with any dress! Gift bag included btw :)

# 4 Valentine's Day COOKIES!!! by OldTimeFavorites
OMG we just can't stay and not to buy and eat these yummies!!! Omnomnom :D

Ok, next items are for girls who are still looking for a gift for their boyfriends and husbands!

# 5 Vintage hand stamped spoons by DazzlingDezignz4U
Very romantic isn't it? Also you can both use this gift and it will always remind you that someone LOVES you ^_^

# 6 Many of us loves to present Valentine's Day cards. Here is a nice one for your husband! Created by inkletpapery

# 7 Adorable cuff bracelet by TheMechanicalMermaid
+5 to Charisma, +7 to Magnetism :P

 And now some cool ornaments and interior elements for your Valentine's Day!

# 8 Hanging Valentine ornament "You and Me" by LekaArt
You can use it all over the year. Change the photos to keep it always fresh and new ;)

# 9 Valentines Day gift pillow cover by eugenie2 
So true: "Great gift idea for a couple. Just switch their regular pillowcase for these and watch their heart melt!" Love it! Btw there are a lot of other designs in the store, you may choose the one you love :)

# 10 Printable Be My Valentine poster by bunsandprints. It's so easy! Just download it after purchase and print it! Voila! You have a fountain of romance and love!

That's it for today! Did you enjoy? :)

Have a bright day!
Viktoria and Elena

среда, 22 января 2014 г.

Soft light of your love! Decorate you Valentine's Day dinner!

Hello, dear guests!
Today is Wednesday - the middle of working week. And we would like to show you our new handmade Valentine's Day ornament to make this winter day brighter!

Are you dreaming of a romantic evening with the one you love? We do! :D So we created a nice mosaic candle holder that will help you to create atmosphere of love!

Romantic handmade mosaic candle holder by LekaArt
It will give you soft pink light at night. And in the morning you'll be able to use it as a vase to put in flowers you got from your boyfriend of husband :)

The light is not bright and the candle holder looks really romantic
Now it's a vase! Looks stylish.

Decorate your dinners! Be happy! Love and be loved!

Have a wonderful day!
Always yours,
Viktoria and Elena

понедельник, 20 января 2014 г.

Gorgeous Paisley!

Paisley is one of our favourite motives! It has Persian routes and usually looks very rich and interesting.
What characterizes Paisley?
- Well, first of all it looks like a pickles! Sometimes Paisley motives are called Persian pickles. These "pickles" usually contain other motives, often floral.
- Usually Paisley is very bright or contrasting and reminds you Indian cultural traditions :)
- The motif consists of LOTS of details. That is really great as you can look over it again and again.

And here are some beautiful examples of Paisley motif.

Where Paisley is used?
The aswer is simple - everywhere!

Painting and items for home decor, in jewelry, in clothes etc.
We also have a decorative plate with Paisley-style painting on it

We hope this post was interesting for you!
Have a nice day!

Viktoria and Elena

пятница, 17 января 2014 г.

Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas: 10 Hanging Ornaments

Hello to all our guests!
This time we collect some lovely Valentine's Day ornaments and we would like to share with you. We hope you'll pick any item or an idea for your romantic day and romantic evening :)

#1 Unique woodland "First Valentine's Day" ornament by EmeraldCut
It looks so cozy, so natural and so romantic ^_^

#2 Linen heart ornaments "Romantic Lavander earts" by MiracleInspiration
Lovely colors and lovely material. We think they will look great with white or purple candles and some "modest" flowers like camomiles!

#3 Set of 3 cotton hearts by lianabi
We like them so much as they are so charming and simple! And of course white-red-brown is an exellent color combination!

#4 Set of 5 heart shaped red ornaments by MyHouseOfDreams2
Stripes and dots!! Who doesn't love them? We adore stripes and dots! Absolutely wonreful items for wall decor of the bed room ;)

#5 These are our wooden Valentine's ornaments "Sweet Hearts". They are so red and the center is pink, they are sparkling and seem to be really sweet and delicious!

#6 Polymer clay hanging hearts by averilpam
Stunning texture and colors. First we saw this ornaments we thought they are cookies! Mmm!

Some unusual Valentine's ornaments

#7 Hoop "Home Is Wherever I Am with You" by freespiritjenny
Awww! So true! Pure love and romance!

#8 Striped mosaic heart by FaceTheMosaic
When we look at this ornament we first think: "God, sweetheart, you found me in this world and brought all the pieces of my heart together! I love you so much!"
And THAT is really great!

#9 Hanging chalkboard "Black Heart" by VeraPaperLab
What an awesome ornament! You may leave ANY message you want! Anytime! Anywhere! Rrrrealy cool!

#10 Hanging decoration Mini wreath with red heart by Napolinea
Of course we love the shape! We think that round shaped ornaments symbolize harmony and eternal life and love. Lovely wreath!

Guys, hope you like our collection!
See you next time with the part II

Have an interesting day and don't forget to wisit us on Etsy - LekaArt
Viktoria and Elena