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Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas: 10 Hanging Ornaments

Hello to all our guests!
This time we collect some lovely Valentine's Day ornaments and we would like to share with you. We hope you'll pick any item or an idea for your romantic day and romantic evening :)

#1 Unique woodland "First Valentine's Day" ornament by EmeraldCut
It looks so cozy, so natural and so romantic ^_^

#2 Linen heart ornaments "Romantic Lavander earts" by MiracleInspiration
Lovely colors and lovely material. We think they will look great with white or purple candles and some "modest" flowers like camomiles!

#3 Set of 3 cotton hearts by lianabi
We like them so much as they are so charming and simple! And of course white-red-brown is an exellent color combination!

#4 Set of 5 heart shaped red ornaments by MyHouseOfDreams2
Stripes and dots!! Who doesn't love them? We adore stripes and dots! Absolutely wonreful items for wall decor of the bed room ;)

#5 These are our wooden Valentine's ornaments "Sweet Hearts". They are so red and the center is pink, they are sparkling and seem to be really sweet and delicious!

#6 Polymer clay hanging hearts by averilpam
Stunning texture and colors. First we saw this ornaments we thought they are cookies! Mmm!

Some unusual Valentine's ornaments

#7 Hoop "Home Is Wherever I Am with You" by freespiritjenny
Awww! So true! Pure love and romance!

#8 Striped mosaic heart by FaceTheMosaic
When we look at this ornament we first think: "God, sweetheart, you found me in this world and brought all the pieces of my heart together! I love you so much!"
And THAT is really great!

#9 Hanging chalkboard "Black Heart" by VeraPaperLab
What an awesome ornament! You may leave ANY message you want! Anytime! Anywhere! Rrrrealy cool!

#10 Hanging decoration Mini wreath with red heart by Napolinea
Of course we love the shape! We think that round shaped ornaments symbolize harmony and eternal life and love. Lovely wreath!

Guys, hope you like our collection!
See you next time with the part II

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Viktoria and Elena

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