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Gorgeous Paisley!

Paisley is one of our favourite motives! It has Persian routes and usually looks very rich and interesting.
What characterizes Paisley?
- Well, first of all it looks like a pickles! Sometimes Paisley motives are called Persian pickles. These "pickles" usually contain other motives, often floral.
- Usually Paisley is very bright or contrasting and reminds you Indian cultural traditions :)
- The motif consists of LOTS of details. That is really great as you can look over it again and again.

And here are some beautiful examples of Paisley motif.

Where Paisley is used?
The aswer is simple - everywhere!

Painting and items for home decor, in jewelry, in clothes etc.
We also have a decorative plate with Paisley-style painting on it

We hope this post was interesting for you!
Have a nice day!

Viktoria and Elena

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